The jobs that let one travel

These days everyone dreams of a job that give them opportunities to travel. The best, one can dream is a lifestyle where travel and work coexist! It is reported that Google is fed up of people who keeps on asking how to earn while traveling! Only a small percentage of people actually finds such jobs. Rahul has always been smart enough to figure out jobs that let him travel while enjoying his work. He started his professional life as an officer in the Merchant Navy. So the traveling part was a constant companion for him.

When Rahul says “I do not make money if I do not move”, he wasn’t referring to his job as a Merchant Navy officer. But he was referring to his new job which he had started a couple of years ago. He is a film maker now, who runs a company called Starving Artist Films.

In his own words, this is what Starving artist films does.

We help turn ordinary stories into extraordinary ones. And extraordinary stories into unforgettable ones. As time passes, touch becomes a distant memory, smells are forgotten, words erased from our heads…but visual memories fade away last. That’s why films are our currency. Starving Artist Films is a company based out of Goa, India.

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